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  •  Kayak rolling...I'll remind you about that ;-) (6+ / 0-)

    Yes indeed, kayaking is more fun than canoeing, in my experience. We actually had one canoe, that had most of the gear (tents, dehydrated rations, etc) so we had to take turns in it, though as I recall I was always behind a rock somewhere when the choosing was done, hah. Kayaks are easy to paddle, light, turn on a dime. We did some repair work before we left, fiberglass cloth and epoxy, so they floated.

    Powell. What an amazing guy. One arm, for starters, can you imagine climbing like that? But most amazing is going down the river with no idea what was ahead, rapids, waterfalls, cliffs, the locals. These days we have maps and phones, it's a different feel, no matter how much exertion. We explore in a different way today. I think that's part of why we all on this blog love experiencing's not like a video where you know what's going to happen. There's always some unknown, however modest, and how cool is that.

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