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    This petition was not started by an organization. It does not ask for money after you sign. It was started by one person who shared it with others, and they in turn, shared it with others - all of whom are sick and tired of Rush Limbaugh getting away with blatant misogyny, sexism and bigotry.

    One of the first people to sign was/is a Tea Party member who said even he thought Rush had gone too far (see petition) after Limbaugh's verbal lashing of Sandra Fluke. Rush's motive? To silence her.

    One person cannot get Limbaugh fired. But one person X thousands telling Limbaugh sponsors, no longer will we buy  products from companies that support hate - this speaks volumes, because it speaks to a sponsor's bottom line. Money. It speaks to the radio industry. And ultimately, it speaks to American media. It says, enough.

    This petition proves we each can make a difference. Maybe we don't have the money to donate to our causes, or the time to rally, or the luxury to speak our minds on facebook/twitter because of our occupations. But we all have a few minutes to sign a petition. And you can ask your name/info not be published.  asks for the information to help ensure the signatures are bonafide and signed by actual people - not machines. The information helps to keep the less than honest from signing 50 times.  

    Media Matters has put this into their emails. Planned Parenthood, Flush Rush, NOW, Naral, Emily's List, Occupy sites... have all allowed this petition to be promoted on their sites/walls - because it's real, because it's meaningful, and because it's successful.

    I hope you will consider signing. emails the signatures to the sponsors. There is contact information included in the petition, so even if you don't sign, you can fb message or tweet some of the sponsors and let them know how you feel about them supporting Limbaugh. Signing is something we CAN do. And it really DOES make a difference. Thanks.

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