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View Diary: White House: Holding middle-class tax cuts hostage hurts economic growth (37 comments)

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  •  Why make this so hard? (0+ / 0-)

    The Pres gets on TV - prime time.

    Explains in simple English w/ Spanish subtitles, so even the R's will understand it (and can't spin it), why the tax cuts will expire - never intended to be forever, driving the economy worse, etc, etc. Everyone here on KOS could do it, this is the easy part.

    Tell them how the R "leadership" wants the ship to sink and for the middle / lower to lose their "entitlements". Don't be coy - call them out. Something like, "The R's do NOT want you to ever have Social Security and Medicare / Medicade which we, the D's, will NOT allow to happen".

    Tell the middle / lower income folks that the day after the tax cuts expire a bill will be introduced by the D's to insure that tax rates do NOT go up on the middle / lower income folks. Therefore there is NO CHANGE to 98% of the people in the US.

    Remind those folks to TELL their representatives to approve the tax CUTS!!!

    If they don't - unleash the Biden / Clinton team on every show that will have them.

    Pressure from the voters (and the likely hood the R's might actually lose their jobs) is the ONLY thing that will force the R's hand.


    Who do you believe, Waffle Willard or Lyin' Ryan???

    by Da Rock on Mon Nov 26, 2012 at 09:48:34 AM PST

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