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View Diary: Oded Na'aman: Is Gaza Outside Israel? (16 comments)

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  •  whatever one thinks of Hamas (6+ / 0-)

    it must be said over and over and over again (apparently, since so many choose to ignore it): the focus must be on Israel because Israel holds nearly all of the power in the Israel/Palestine relationship.  This includes military power, financial power, and political power.  Hence Israel's ability to conduct periodic massacres of Palestinians in Gaza whenever they wish.

    Further, Israel is responsible for much, much, much more violence than Hamas, measured in murdered innocents, wounded civilians, destruction of infrastructure, or economic devastation.  Israel is also responsible for decades of land theft and racist colonization by settlers, for cruel and illegal siege, for violent repression of all Palestinian resistance movements (from peaceful protests to the PLO to international volunteers like Rachel Corrie) and other crimes. These actions undermine (and historically have destroyed) moderate parties and movements and also inflame resentment and anger against Israel. Thus groups like Hamas emerge.  

    In sum, the focus rightly should be on Israeli aggression and occupation.  Israel has the power, Israel is responsible for the great majority of violence, and Israel's oppression of Palestinians is what creates movements like Hamas in the first place.


    •  The question then (0+ / 0-)

      is why every diary criticizing Israel is turned by some into a de facto dismissal of how much harder HAMAS makes it for the left, even the center-left to pressure Israel, both from within and from without, to alter its policies.  HAMAS is no red herring.  Dismissing HAMAS makes shifting Israeli perspectives nearly impossible.

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