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View Diary: German Spiegel: "Notes on the Decline of a Great Nation" (317 comments)

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  •  One sentence says it all (7+ / 0-)
    The hatred of big government has reached a level in the United States that threatens the country's very existence. Americans everywhere may vow allegiance to the nation and its proud Stars and Stripes, but when it comes time to pay the bills and distribute costs, and when solidarity is needed, all sense of community evaporates."
    This is the key to the whole enchilada.  My partner worked in the Netherlands part time for the past few years.  He made an excellent observation contrasting the Dutch and the American attitude about "government."  He believes the Dutch have a positive view of what their government does for them and Americans are negative and paranoid about our government.  

     Thanks, Ronald Reagan and the rest of your ilk for making the US government into an enemy of our citizens.  

    If Liberals Hated America, We'd Vote Republican

    by QuarterHorseDem on Mon Nov 26, 2012 at 06:00:02 PM PST

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