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View Diary: Cantor echoes Boehner: Obamacare has to be on debt chopping block (74 comments)

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  •  "fiscally incompetent" (6+ / 0-)

    If ever the CBO scores something their way, they sing it to the roof tops.  Otherwise, it's just CBO's "opinion".  They don't want to cut the deficit, they want to use the deficit as an excuse to hurt the 99%ers.

    •  The thing is that I don't think they are (7+ / 0-)

      as interested in hurting the 99% as they are in what they believe will produce huge profits for the 1% and by extension themselves.

      The only reason that I make this distinction is because it underscores their fiscal incompetence.  

      Warren Buffet who is without question one of the most successful investors in the history of this country comes out and says "tax the rich" and he's not saying that entirely out of the goodness of his heart at all - he's saying that because he knows that a healthy economy that affords opportunity to a high percentage of the population will make him more money and give him more opportunities to make more money.  Everyone can make more money in a diverse and active economic environment than can be made when the whole economy rises or falls on the basis of the whimsy of only about 400 people.  

      Anyway, these Republicans are beyond idiotic.

      •  I think it is very dangerous to not view these (9+ / 0-)

        criminals as anything but criminals.

        Trying to harbor a nicer view of them than is ever warranted by all the available facts is foolish.

        They are idiotic, but they want to sink the ship with us on it and we should NEVER be nice to people like that.

        it's shooting oneself in the foot.

        And they want to hurt us: you're fooling yourself if you try to believe that.

        They are, quite literally, the enemy. Nothing less.

        it;s not like we have regular periods where we get together and share good times: Repubs are constantly on the offense trying to fuck up as much as possible.

        The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men.

        by xxdr zombiexx on Mon Nov 26, 2012 at 11:31:33 AM PST

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        •  You think I'm being nice? (7+ / 0-)

          I'm saying that they are such idiots, so self-involved - almost if not already to the point of being sociopathic - and so incompetent in their thinking that it is mind blowing.

          It is mind blowing that anyone listens to them.  Mind blowing that they can dress themselves in the morning.  Mind blowing that they aren't personally bankrupt - but then again not really because that's a classic profile of a thief - thieves don't have to make ration and sound financial decisions - they just go steal the next lot when they start running out of what they've stolen before.

          And, the truth is that I think that people who are so brazen and so disconnected from anyone else on the planet - so focused on themselves as these people are - I think they are more dangerous than someone who "is out to get you".  We are roadkill to these people.  At least hunters try to keep their stocks up so that they can keep hunting and eating their prey.

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