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View Diary: Walmart Employees Kill Another Alleged Shoplifter (256 comments)

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  •  I don't. (2+ / 0-)
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    Physical force is not a suitable reaction to shoplifting. It just isn't.  Dishing out a violent response as a reaction to a non-violent act is wrong.  Basically it's the same if someone calls me a name I am free to knock a couple of their teeth out.

    Ban them from the store.  Get a pic of them from the security camera and then call police to have them picked up. Publish their pic in the newspaper "Have you seen this shoplifter?" Sue them for damages in small claims court.  Anything but violence.  

    But tackling someone over items is stupid. Both the security guard and the woman could have been seriously injured...and for what?  A bunch of mass produced frocks?

    •  How then does a store stop shoplifters? (0+ / 0-)

      Posting pictures is not enough.  The store would then have to hire and train people to memorize photos to identify a shoplifter.  And then all they could do under your scheme, it appears, is deny them entrance to the shop.  It's simply a naive and impractical view.

      When one decides to shoplift, one assumes the consequences of breaking the law.  And one of those conseuqences is that you may be detained, restrained for a reasonable time, or pursued.  If you are injured in that process, you've caused it (assuming excessive force is not used).  For example, if a security guard pursues someone who runs into traffic and is killed, the security guard is not to blame for the criminal activity of the deceased or for the decision to run into traffic.  S/he could have allowed him/herself to be detained once she was pursued.  

      Again, I have to say, this notion that tackling anyone over items is stupid betrays a bourgeois perspective.  If someone wrenched an heirloom necklace from your 90 year old grandmother's neck and ran, it would be stupid to tackle the perpretrator to retrieve it?  

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