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View Diary: UN Special Rapporteur: Japan Must Do More for the People of Fukushima (57 comments)

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    ditto; {Honestly, I can never ever 'get used to' the idea that money is so much more important than people's lives that thousands - perhaps tens of thousands, all told - of lives can be casually tossed onto the altar of bottomless greed and nobody cares.}
    I live in L.A. When I go to the beach I meditate & send prayers. I touch the water with hope. I will ALWAYS remember the tsunami's casualties.
    I've always been observant. Without a long why I know, radiation causes weird anger, a type of an unexplained anger when you experience it. In my observation, this has been one angry time, world/exposed/wide.
    I kept thinking an aftershock & the pacific would be unimaginable.
    I will always remember the tsunami's casualties.
    It's so interesting?, it was soooo close.
    I wonder when GOD will say, "I can't do this anymore!" or in my case being Buddhist, the luck of the draw…
    The Japanese are not dumb, hopefully new gens will STOP the absurdity.
    Europe is moving forward.
    We may survive ?:) Some may survive? Who knows?
    I'm sure they are studying how to twist & manipulate the masses for the next meltdown. Can you imagine people actually voted for a total mental meltdown theiRmoney?
    Their inevitable. (interesting word, in.ev.i.ta.ble)
    Eat healthy, don't worry. What can we do but teach?
    Thank You for the post.
    I will always remember the tsunami's casualties. I love the ocean. She puked!
    She'll survive:)
     Bigtime, Repukes. BIG TIME!
    Just to add: I usually begin my post with I'm 61. In my entire life if I heard that there was an earthquake back East, a SMALL earthquake, 3 times maybe. We've had an earthquake that cracked the Washington Monument & so many quakes in the last few years, I'm stunned. They just keep frackin away...
    Not to worry, not to worry, not to worry, we are way beyond that :)
    An aftershock, WOW
    I'm glad I meditate, say prayers, whatever.

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