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View Diary: AL lesbian viciously beaten by girlfriend's brother in horrific Thanksgiving Day hate crime (238 comments)

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  •  Not to detract from the (9+ / 0-)

    Horrible crime commited here, but I once had a motorcycle land on my face.
    Broke every bone in my face.
    Jaw was broken on both sides, roof of my mouth. Left teeth displacd 4 inches to right.
    The kickstand embedded in my head.
    I had a plastic surgeon botch the repair, so 7 yrs later, my jaw was rebroken.
    I know it wasn't from being beaten, but she will heal on the outside at least.
    I can't imagine why she go there if the brother would be there.
    I hopebthere is more to this story soon.

    If the Fetus you Saved was GAY, would you still fight for its RIGHT'S?

    by snoopydawg on Mon Nov 26, 2012 at 05:22:15 PM PST

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