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View Diary: AL lesbian viciously beaten by girlfriend's brother in horrific Thanksgiving Day hate crime (238 comments)

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  •  'Truly legitimite' (0+ / 0-)

    hate crimes vs beating someone to a pulp who's a your sisters lesbian girlfriend? Comparing this hate crime to unwarranted restraining orders is beyond the pale. I guess violent crimes against GBLT people don't fit your criteria of  legitimate.

    The pictures of the victim are not the result of anything but hate. I think your concern about trivializing 'legitimate' hate crimes has it's basis in your own issues with the legitimacy of federal rights and the protections of GBLT people and any other victims of hate crimes.

    Too many GBLT people are victims of violent hate crimes that are not called what they are. Your calling to mind of those that aren't 'legitimate' diminishes the violent crimes perpetrated against GBLT's. It gives the violent homophobic haters who commit violence and killing against GBLT victims a cloak to hide behind.  


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