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View Diary: Donald Trump lectures GOP to be more appealing to minorities (I'm not joking) (20 comments)

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  •  It also doesn't sit well with Jews (6+ / 0-)

    Most of us have family histories of getting kicked out or escaping other countries. Having anyone's American-ness questioned sets all our warning buzzers off.

    The comment above about the days where "No Irish Need Apply"... So think about what a minority the nativists would have if they didn't accept anyone but Anglo-Saxon Protestants as "real Americans."  I remember a time when Jews were still excluded from some clubs and nobody thought that was wrong.

    My mom's folks came from Russia/Poland (border kept shifting) at the turn of the century. The last century, not this one. I knew those people.  My father was an immigrant.  This birthers movement is anathema to most Jews and I don't see how the Republicans plan to win anyone over if they keep the Tea Party types.

    I know what they tried to do. For the Hispanics, hey look, Marco Rubio here! For the Asians, don't you people believe in business? For the Muslims, you're terrorists, shut up. For the Jews, We'll start a war with Iran, that's what you want, right?


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