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View Diary: Feds threaten to wipe out future Sacramento salmon runs (15 comments)

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  •  This is also a backhand to the northern native (0+ / 0-)

    peoples, their rights and promises and futures are buried in this mudslide of legislative and bureaucratic bullshit as well.

    They are all over this issue in all it's forms whether it's Moonbeams tunnel plans of water saved for agriculture, as they call house building speculation in the south now.

    The lack of federal enforcement on mj grows on federal lands allow that to become another environmental disaster the Feds have left them on the hook for.

    The poisons, the mud, the stolen water, the shootings, the transient populations, the fertilizers all are becoming another version of the mythical tb blankets.

       Meth is rampant on reservations and the feds do fuck all about it, it's all on the backs of the chronically undefunded tribal police, the FBI is too busy setting up stupid teens as terrorists to do anything gritty out on the rez...even if they gave a crap, and they don't.

    When Agriculture sucks up all the water it is legally entitled to, and unregulated trespassers, 'agriculture', mj grows,  wink, wink, sucks up even more of the barest portions left for environmentally minimum river flow leaving poisoned mud and stressed communities behind.

      The easy thing for the feds to do would be to legalize this shit and bankrupt these illegal grows. Cause they sure don't give a crap or are doing anything about it now other than attacking a few mom and pop and the occasional big deal for show.
         But it's too late for this year, ya dumb federal assholes, the predictions are that the trespass and public lands grow will be exponentially bigger next year to cover a predicted Colo and Wash caused price drop...and since the Feds have not done squat, really, why not?
      Forest land is being illegally clearcut right now for just this purpose....

    Maybe the native peoples ought to get in the mj grow business...oh, right, then there would be some fed response, oh yeah....

    This is just another big picture way the Federal governments has failed in it's many promises to it's people.
      The fishing and tourist businesses need to side with the tribes here, but unlikely....


    This machine kills Fascists.

    by KenBee on Mon Nov 26, 2012 at 11:38:32 PM PST

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