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View Diary: Obama Should Agree to Modify Obamacare in Return for Ending the Bush Tax Cuts for Top 2% (76 comments)

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  •  Why is it that when Repubs win, we lose and when (3+ / 0-)
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    Dems win, we STILL lose?  Why should the GOP be allowed to call the shots--about anything? Why should the GOP be accommodated on any issues?  Why can't we simply play the winning hand that so many millions of voters dealt us so that we could keep the promises that were made during this campaign season?

    Why can't our Democratic president, senators, and representatives STAND STRONG and not give an inch to the lying, cheating, greedy, obnoxious haters in the Republican party????  

    No.  Main street has contributed and suffered enough.  It's time for Wall Street, big oil, big pharma, big banks, the defense complex, etc. to pay their fair share by giving up their tax perks, corporate welfare, and other pork.  

    The only tweak to ACA should be single payer/Medicare for all.  And, no cuts to MediCaid.  Just because the poor don't have a powerful lobby like seniors do doesn't mean that they should be abused to pacify the rich.  Hand off!

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