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View Diary: The nineteen new Republican House committee chairmen are all white males (205 comments)

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  •  New GOP all white males, as usual (0+ / 0-)

    I really think women will regard the RNC as the finest collection of dysfunctional humans ever seen at one time with the possible exception of the entire US Congress trying to do anything.

    In retrospect, I think we will all remember the Akins (Daddy and Junior) as classics. They are some of the best friends Dems ever had.

    I hope we continue to see the Akin Duo continue to give long, in depth media interviews and be affiliated with the tea party GOP in some capacity in the future.

    I think Dems would appreciate quotes and speeches from these genuine reps of the tea party re science, biology, literature, current events, you name it.

    They have a way of smoothing the path ahead for all of us.

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