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  •  yes, that is what I have (6+ / 0-)

    the palmar plantar erythema and also the peripheral neuropathy, both are pretty bad.  My doctor said I will just have to suffer through them but I can't believe there isn't anything that can help.  I'm going to look into it when I feel somewhat better.  Another poster suggested taking glutamine to help with the neuropathy which I'm going to check out.  I'm interested in finding a support group that my dad can come with me to that could help us both so that is also on my agenda for when I feel better.

    •  do you have a navigator? (0+ / 0-)

      i'm not a doctor, but there's some "dose modification" i remember from my chemo to get through the side effects, and everyone is different, but i think neuropathy can be treated with meds?  i hope you feel better very soon, and yes, getting some support will help for sure.  ;)

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