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View Diary: Gigantic Journalistic Investigation Begins Ripping Mask Off Bank Secrecy (89 comments)

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  •  It can be different if enough knowledgable (4+ / 0-)
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    people scream loud enough.It takes a lot of effort to create an evolution in thinking. First you need information in the form that you can understand. We are ready to receive this due to the recent events in the mortgage meltdown and the economy in general.

    LIBOR needs repeating. The election drowned that out.
    So its time to get screaming again.

    People are ready for revolution. They just need to be more informed to embrace it.

    •  And the diary about how OWS defeated Mitt (8+ / 0-)

      shows that these ideas took time to gain traction. I agree they need to get repeated some more.

      If you haven't read that diary (currently on rec list), the important observation was how the national discussion on the economy switched from "debt" and "deficit" to "greed" and "inequality."  The 1% vs the 99% discussion made Romney's 47% video that much more toxic. The beauty part is that the 53% to 47% language originated on the Right via Erick Erickson's tumblr responding to the We Are the 99 Percent one.  So Mitt grabbed onto that number since it was a Right Wing Talking Point.

      Yo can fill in the rest.

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