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  •  President seems to be taking your advice (9+ / 0-)

    on taking this to the people - which is clearly the right move:

    In my view, if the Republicans continue to play an obstructionist role, the president should get out of the Oval Office and travel the country. If he does that, I believe that he will find that there is no state in the country, including those that are very red, where people believe that we should give huge tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires, while cutting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.
    There is no if about this. The Republicans are still taking an obstructionist role. Moreover, I'd say that if the GOP continues to demand needless concessions on earned benefits, and programs that protect the poorest and weakest in our communities, that the President then hear what the country says back to him while he goes out to plead the case for taxing those making $250K and up at the Clinton-era levels.

    If there are to be cuts - then do as you suggest regarding sheltering and otherwise shielding corporate profits from taxation - plus this, without doubt:

    At a time when we spend almost as much as the rest of the world combined on defense, we must cut defense spending.  There is also waste in other governmental agencies which must be eliminated.
    Means testing Medicare - not acceptable, nor practicable.
    Raising the age for Medicare - simply cruel (let alone unrealistic - how many retirees could afford private health insurance?)

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