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  •  And when primary season rolls around will (3+ / 0-)
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    elwior, salmo, Chi

    you (collectively) put your tails between your legs and bow to the "we can't appear to be fighting/do you really want to risk Republican X winning" pressure?

    I hope you don't, because the Democratic Party, filled as it is with conservatives all too eager to impose austerity and benefits cuts, has to-date been quite successful at squashing challenges from the left by invoking "political reality," "pragmatism" and the republican bogeyman. They have some help from many of the people in various blogs, including this one. Resisting that pressure and holding firm--even in the face of a potential republican victory in the general election--is the only thing that's going to make conservative democrats take note and change their behavior.

    •  I think the sting from the 2010 elections was (0+ / 0-)

      motivating the thoughts of being scared of primarying folks. It obviously makes political sense to take a look at the balance of power and how winnable a race is if the candidate was further left (for instance, maybe we primary the blue dogs in Washington State before we primary them in Missouri).

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