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View Diary: Boehner slams door on proposal to stop holding middle-class tax cuts hostage (111 comments)

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  •  Ok... I just called the Speaker's office.......... (1+ / 0-)
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    I asked why they are willing to do harm to the middle class by taxing the middle class and not the people over $250,000.  I reminded this "girl" that they will do HARM to millions of American middle class citizens who need the tax break.

    I was friendly and stated, "... The middle class consists of Republicans and Democrats" and that this effort to get the middle class to pay for it so the 1% can get a tax break makes NO SENSE.  

    So I said I couldn't understand it, and that the only thing that made sense to me is that the Republican Party is either owned by the 1% who hold them responsible for keeping their tax rates down or that they are owned by Grover!

    Response: "No mam.  This is about 750,000 jobs we're trying to save."

    BS!!! BS!!! BS!!!

    I asked her if she could tell me where those 750,000 jobs are.  Get this:  "Those are small business owners."

    Deep breath, sending light to my head.  Huh?

    "What do you mean? Is your position that they will have to close down their businesses?  Are you saying they will have to lay off 750,000 employees?  What are you saying?"


    "Well mam, I'll pass your message along.  Thank you for calling."


    We are just going to have to do the filibuster rule change and do what is right for ALL Americans.  I hope Obama has toughened up, and it looks like it from the front page w/Harry.

    Shaking head...  

    Everybody:  call them:  202-225-0600

    Don't leave a message.  Get a live person and make them say it over and over until their heads split.

    Will Boner act if his people are sitting at their desks with exploded brains and "brain stuff" on their phones and computers?

    Probably not.

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