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  •  Two points, besides noting that you read (0+ / 0-)

    the comment by Meteor Blades.

    1.  Are you truly telling me
    that the NRC
    is full of idiots?

    Totally clueless?

    They could have no scientific basis
    for any of their regulations?

    Are you certain of that?

    2.  You are simply wrong
    about the safety issue.

    You are simply wrong
    to make any statement,
    any comparison,
    between the safety
    of nuclear power generation,
    and the safety
    of, for example,
    a natural gas fired power plant.

    I don't have a great deal of knowledge,
    but I've seen a large boiler
    at a commercial laundry I worked at,
    and I've heard of boilers blowing up.

    If nuclear power plants
    have extremely thick barriers
    to prevent radiation from getting out,
    and to prevent damage from any explosion,
    including a boiler explosion,
    and everything is monitored very closely,
    because of the well founded fear
    of radioactive fuel,
    all that fear,
    causing all those thicker barriers,
    and all that extra careful monitoring,
    watching it like a hawk,
    all that will make nuclear
    seem safer,
    looking at numbers,
    numbers of boiler explosions,
    or any other accident,
    causing any kind of harm to humans.

    Since there are no such barriers,
    no such extra regulations
    on natural gas,
    of course there will be more accidents
    from plants that have less fear,
    and less caution.

    It's like comparing
    air travel
    to car travel.

    Car travel is safer,
    way safer.

    But folks use their phones,
    drive carelessly,
    drive drunk or stoned,
    and you get numbers that make it look bad.

    The incredibly dangerous aircraft
    are closely supervised,
    so the numbers look good,
    especially if you use false numbers,
    such as passenger miles.

    They load up fifty or more passengers,
    and fly them more than 1,000 miles,
    and one take-off and landing cycle
    gets them lots of passenger miles.

    That's lying to the public.

    I gotta quit rambling.

    Good night.

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