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    A Boyfriend.  I am retired, over sixty, alone like so many Americans.  I read in Morris Berman's book, "Why America Failed" today that 25% of US households are one person households.  In New York City, it is 48% - one person - living alone & lonely.  It is the nature of our society.  Berman calls us a failed, "empathy deficient disordered"nation (remember the woman who fell on the floor in a NY Emergency Waiting Room - she lay there for hours - then died & no one bothered to help her - to see that she remained alive).  The US culture/American people  has/have serious empathy issues.

    Yes, a boyfriend.  In my life I have had two, long-term gay, live-together relationships.  The two partners I had were sweet, smart, much younger, loving and caring toward my son, and they delighted and thrilled me for many years.  Both relationships of seven+ yrs. eventually ended.

    America is unforgiving of older people.  The US is youth-oriented and the gay male community is obsessed with youthful beauty (the Dorian Gray Syndrome).  But I am not whining.  I am ok without a boyfriend/partner - though I would like to cuddle once in a while.

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