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View Diary: Hundreds of New York City fast food workers strike (94 comments)

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    Certain types of skilled manufacturing certainly do. However as Foxconn shows us you can assemble hi-tech devices with a relatively cheap unskilled labor force with minimum training.

    Moreso once we get better Industrial robots and 3D printers. Eventually manufacturing will be 100% automated except for a niche market of handmade goods (just like we still have film buffs in the age of digital cameras) and for manufacturing state of the art prototypes prior to mass production.

    So to say that Manufacturing is significantly different than fast food work is a tad disingenuous. SOME manufacturing certainly is, but not all and the current trends are going to shrink that pool of work more and more over time. So it'd be more accurate to say that manufacturing is certainly headed for that same place regardless.

    Either way, the point of unionization is to prevent employers from exploiting the power balance they hold over their workers and using it to pursue socially destructive and otherwise exploitative behavior. When Walmart pays its workers so little they need food stamps just to eat that is socially destructive and costs us all money for instance. It makes both good moral AND economic sense to use organization to change the power balance in favor of walmart workers from management so that this can be rectified. Even if their workers don't have to pay for four years of school or know grep from grok.

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