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    the connection to a part of ourselves we have all but forgotten. That's why they are so essential for us. They provide a bridge between us in our sometimes stuffy, oh so practical lives to the place we used to dwell: innocence. Lucy sensed the presence of the dead man and knew him for a dog-lover. Perhaps he even called to her as he stood at his sister's side. Lucy would have sensed a bit of a difference between the quick and the dead but these things are not a big deal to other animals. It is we who are awkward speaking about death. This is the true difference between humans and other animals--we have never truly accepted the cycle of living and dying. Maybe our brains are wired differently. Maybe the place where understanding previously lived is now taken up with speech. We are a noisy species and our ears don't hear much that isn't human-made anymore. The more complex the brain the less connected to the place we came from we become. Dogs and other non-human animals have no reason to clutter their minds and lives with such nonsense. They are open to opportunities. They have no boundaries. They see through the veil.

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