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View Diary: The Rumble of Distant Gunfire? Updated (44 comments)

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  •  DaNang65 you are correct (7+ / 0-)

    With the right wing, they always always drum the beat of war and sell the magnets to put on the cars and promote the war itself like a huge Veterans' Day or Memorial Day Sale.  America goes into serious debt over their mistake and we seem to get the blame for getting sick or shot.  I hope that the ones who try to degrade our services are exposed and exposed in such a way that they will face a huge backlash.  That always seems the case on sites like this, but the corporate media does not seem to do much.  Maybe President Obama and VP Bidden and their wives, along with Harry Reid will put the light to the cockroaches that eat away at our fabric and force them into saying out loud what they only say in "quiet rooms".  Crooked bastards should be sent away to Gitmo as that is what they want to do with the rest of us.

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