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  •  cany, same here - but I think it was '99 (3+ / 0-)

    The State Ins. Board came down on the side of the Insured and invalidated the maximum benefit agreed-to under contract.
    I had a $100 per month major medical, capped at $200,000 of payout.  The first $2000 was on me, the second $2000 was split 50-50 and they paid 100% of the remaining $194,000.

    This was half-price of the million-dollar capped policy, and I felt it was "something" should I fall to my near-death while working a house contractor job.

    After the ruling?  The company folded-up tent, gave us the mandatory 60 day notice and left the State.
    The State sent Blue Cross/Blue Shield paperwork to policy holders with the two State-approved providers.
    Now mind you, the State collects a portion of each premium for the licensed provider fee.

    That meant a few percent of $1200 with my old policy.
    $5600 with one of the BC/BS providers, $6300 with the other.  Both paid for a broader variety of claims, office visits, etc... with co-pay and deductible - however, BC/BS had a maximum pay-out of 80% of the invoiced amount.

    So for a $200,000 bill, I would have paid $3000 with my old insurance; $40,500 to $42,000 with the options offered from the two State-approved providers.

    Conflict of interest, when reviewing the aforementioned case?  Oh yeah.  Appeals process:  None.
    BC/BS premiums helped underwrite the State-sponsored low income child and mothers insurances (same criteria as then-current WIC or Food Stamps) and thus I would be paying "my fair share".

    That I supported a mother and child (not of my making) gave me no standing.  Why not just call it a health and welfare tax?  'cuz that would be honest, and we're a pledged to low/no tax legislature.

    sign me "locally ass-raped by the insurance regulators"

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