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    rather than the old way of making money by doing hard work and building something useful, American business now seems to think the best way to make money is to profit off of what has already been built without investing in the future. In other words, modern businessmen increasingly seems uninterested in building anything anymore, and now think that they can make profits by selling off the things that their fathers and grandfathers built.

    They seem to believe that they will have made their fortunes by the time they run out of things to cannibalize. Some of them also seem to have a sense of the dreadful horror they will unleash when that dark day dawns; it is why they are so unrelenting in their harshness and in their support of the right wing of the Republican Party, it is why they live in gated communities and hire private security firms to protect them. They have willingly cast aside the social contract, and they know that they will not have anything to rely on once things come tumbling down. In truth, their lives are ruled by fear, and they are pitiful, for they know that no matter what their social position, no matter how much money they have, all men must die someday.

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