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View Diary: Republicans Frustrated With the New Obama, Who Will No Longer Negotiate With Himself (174 comments)

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  •  It was amusing in retrospect to see what CBO (28+ / 0-)

    reported on the big deal they did make that johnny bragged about that cut 38.5 billion... soon after they reported it would cut at most $352 million and later reported the budget actually was increased.
    It was a smoke and mirrors deal as far as savings.
    There were some real cuts but done in ways that included increases. Still wasn't good, but it was funny.

    So while we think he is a weak, weak negotiator they think he is a sneaky trickster.

    I didn't  initially think it was weakness, it was more like he thought he was dealing with grown ups and came forth with "This is fair". But that only explains doing it once.
    Still I am glad he made them sad

    I am startled by reaction to suggestion that president can raise debt limit without congressional ok less than super majority. "They" say that would taker away all the republican leverage.
    It shouldn't be leverage. That is what will freak out the market and threaten our economy more than anything else. It shouldn't be used as leverage and never was before. People bitched about it and played the game of voting against it once enough votes for passage was assured...
    Boy would we notice if we ever lost the oil dollar, if Treasury Bills quit being a world favorite investment.

    It really is a shame that the whole grown up thing didn't work out, that there wasn't a Congress truly debating the best way to help the country. Big money interests have been a problem a long time but now we have stupidity and nastiness thrown in

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