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View Diary: Republicans Frustrated With the New Obama, Who Will No Longer Negotiate With Himself (174 comments)

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  •  Obama and dems projected their desire to heal (12+ / 0-)

    after the 8 year W debacle onto the thugs.

    It was apparent to me on election night 2008 with John ComPlain getting 46% of the vote despite said 8 year debacle and angrily promising more of the same of said debacle that repugnantcons weren't traumatized at all by the 8 year W debacle, not only that but they wanted more of it.

    Their only trauma appears to have been losing the election.

    I knew then that "bipartisanship" was a no precondition surrender, as McComplain likes to call it.

    The republican attitude was completely predictable for those of us who weren't projecting our desire to heal on the repugnantcons.

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