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  •  Over the cliff, let 'em drown! (4+ / 0-)

    I am truly hoping hat these guys just keep fucking it up. They don't belong in office and they have no loyalty to this nation!

    Remember when they used to say shit like that and people, some of them, believed it. It's time that the American people got a look at the nutjobs THEIR 47 percent supports.

    If it's over the cliff and they still screw it up, there will be hell to pay. We know why the recovery has lagged more than it should, Republican obstruction and treason. Party be.fore country.

    They need to be put in theveqivalent of public stocks on village greens and left here to rot.

    •  there's another way... (1+ / 0-)
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      For instance, when Nancy Pelosi circulates the Discharge Petition on Tuesday to bring the Middle Class Tax Bill to the floor of the House, it will need at least 26 republican signatures. If we can be civil with at least that many, and continue this enough to get them to actually sign and vote for the same bill that passed the Senate, then we will have at least something from this Congress for Christmas.

      We need to hold our ground on principles and issues, while also working to build bridges of possible usefulness. The scorched earth approach will someday end - someday - and it will be better to be on the side of the peacemakers as the scornful rhetoric fades. Why not sooner than later?

      •  No problem with that, but I'm not optimistic (0+ / 0-)

        Too many teabaggers who are still too angry, too stupid and too obstructionist to get anything done. Nothing I'd like better than to be proved wrong.

        I just don't think there's anything good left in the Republican Party. If someone bends, the Tea Baggers or the Nutball Club for Growth or the Resurrected spirit of Ayn Rand will be cited.

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