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  •  Drama Queen (R) =pretender to= "Party of Reagan" (2+ / 0-)
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    tampaedski, Ian Reifowitz

    Back in the 1950s and 1960-1964, Republicans decribed themselves as "The Party of Lincoln."

    Then in 1980, the nasty Southern Strategy of Atwater and Nixon was given given an earthy kiss on the cheek by Ronald Reagan. KKK/White Citizens Council/wannabe slavers flocked to the GOP all across the South and the Border States and elsewhere with "Reagan Democrats." Reagan pulled it off -- lying like a racist scumbag to slam "the welfare queens." Go figure.

    "Party of Reagan" is their one claim to national moral standing.

    One problem for them is that their fantasy tales about Reagan rely on imaginary events. If Americans wake up tomorrow craving facts about the 1980s, the "St. Ronnie" myth comes crashing to earth.

    The single worst of it was getting 392 victims killed in Lebanon in 1983 from truck bomb attacks -- 241 at the Marine BLT Barracks.

    63 victims -- American embassy bombed 18-April-1983
    241 victims - Marine barracks bombed 23-October-1983
    58 victims -- French barracks 23-October-1983
    30 victims -- At Tyre, an Israeli office 3-November-1983

    Reagan distracted the citizenry with three PR gimmicks:

    -- Invading Grenada while claiming repeatedly that Cuban construction workers were an army unit.
    -- Blaming a victim of the Marine barracks attack -- a quadriplegic mid-level officer, not the Commanding Officer -- for not setting up a defensive perimeter. And never, ever mentioning the April truck bomb attack on the embassy up on Rue de Paris. (Not one person was fired or court martialed for dereliction of duty.)
    -- "President Has Cancer" headline stories for a week over a single benign colonal polyp.

    Reagan had authorized firing thousands of 5"/127mm naval gun shells into the hills above Beirut. Killed civilians by the hundreds. He also reversed Carter's neutrality policy and started sending war materials to Saddam Hussein for the Iraq-Iran War. Dick Cheney was the delivery boy, getting his picture in the papers shaking Saddam's hand.

    Reagan had no idea that Shi'ia consider revenge to be a religious obligation. Particularly where the murderer of civilians is an infidel. Iran lost 500,000 soldiers and 200,000 civilians against Saddam, so go figure.

    In 1984 Reagan turned tail and ran away. Encouraged Islamist terrorism as never before.

    Yeah, there's a diary coming. Blaming the quadriplegic Marine officer has to be the very low point, arguably the single least honorable scheme from any American president. And you betcha, McCain/Graham/Bachmann are hammering Benghazi as a scandal. Because otherwise somebody, somewhere gets around to broadcasting a comparison of Obama in North Africa 2011/2012 with Reagan in Lebanon 1983/1984.

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