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  •  I am so glad you had that experience and this (1+ / 0-)
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    Polly Syllabic

    diary brought back memories. That will stay with you forever, no matter where you are. Thank heavens your parents had the wisdom to include you in that.

    Nor'wester still exists, you'll be pleased to hear. It was moved to another island. Non ferry served, but otherwise they still do the same things, and the experience is like what you remember, though of course the expanse of hills and shoreline is less.

    Land is pretty expensive here now, esp waterfront. Values have gone down in the last decade with the recession, and there are small lots in the woods that aren't an arm and a leg, but in general you're right. I was lucky to buy in the 80s before the big boom.

    There are lots of nice little b&b's - one day you might take a journey back to this part of the country and breathe this air again. In most ways it hasn't changed since you were here. And there are several beautiful public places to enjoy nature, like this one.

    Take care.

    •  Mud Bay Road (2+ / 0-)
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      OceanDiver, Polly Syllabic

      I understand Richardson's burned down a while ago though -- that was our favorite destination when they would take us off the camp grounds.  Great old general store!

      I've been back a few times.  And I have a set of flat rocks from Pokerchip Bay on my windowsill.  And I still can't hear "Take me home country roads" without singing the alternate lyrics the campers would sing: "Camp Nor'Wester/Lopez Island/Take me Home/Mud Bay Road"

      I know Nor'Wester has a new location, but nothing can ever replace the geography of Sperry Peninsula that is etched in the heart of every Nor'Wester kid.  

      "In my youth, it was said that what was too silly to be said may be sung. In modern economics it may be put into mathematics." -- Ronald Coase

      by julatten on Tue Dec 11, 2012 at 07:41:54 AM PST

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