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View Diary: Obama accuses 'some Republicans in Congress' of holding middle-class tax cuts hostage (49 comments)

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    After the 2008 election, when the Democrats had a solid basis for governing, there was giveaway after giveaway on legislative matters in the quest for some chimerical bipartisanship. I was pissed, watching Democrats (and the President) give away the store time and again before even sitting down at the bargaining table. But I was solemnly told over and over again that it was the way things had to be, and any talk of a "bully pulpit" or the President leading the way in public was just so much smoke being blown up tender, perfumed asses.

    At last, nearly four years later, the President is out front and center, squandering the majestic dignity of his office on jawboning the people. And I hear the creak of some rusty machinery beginning to move. It's a shame I'm not a fine enough person to resist saying certain things.

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      it is the way around the Reps. I wish he did not have to do it but he acted "above it all" in the first term. that givaway problem he had came from that place...that they were adults, he was the President, and surely we all will put our country before party. Now he's learned otherwise and has learned that THIS Republican party and it's messaging machine (Fox News eta ll) lies to the public. He failed mightily in not bringing the ACA to the people and explaining it and letting the Reps explain it ("death panels"). The Reps won that one and the reputationn of the ACA suffered. People were supportive of every part of it but when asked about the whole rejected it soundly, believing the Republican talking points.

      Tell us (I'm open) how Obama should do this can his Admin not repeat mistakes of the first term, which many of us agree on? yet not bring it to the people in this way that seems to be "squandering the majestic dignity of the office".
      Obama felt that dignity before and it made him removed. The Republicans acted like Obama did not have that dignity though Obama did. IT didn't work out before. What could he/they do better, t hen? How?

      pls explain rusty machinery I don't get it nor what you are resisting saying

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