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View Diary: Obama accuses 'some Republicans in Congress' of holding middle-class tax cuts hostage (49 comments)

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  •  Republicans insist we deal with deficit now (1+ / 0-)
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    They want to do so by slashing Medicaid ( 1/3rd plus...making it a block grant). Talk of cutting food stamps too.
    Economists say we shouldn't deal with deficit as primary importance in recession so I agree it's not optimal to raise taxes but
    to me it's worse to cut the very safety net that the most vulnerable are in fact lying in.
    They will crash to the ground
    some will die.
    I know some of those personally. Medicaid keeps people alive. Slashing it people die

    better let higher income tax cuts expire.

    The semantics matter ...maybe not to you...but when you say "raise them" people feel acted upon exclusively when really they get their first 1/4 million (enough, say, to live off of) at low rate as well. Other people don't know the history. Making these cuts permanant was not intended BECAUSE it raises the deficit too much.

    We should get unemployment down before even dealing with deficit. Obama as it is has cut the RATE of increase as far as I know though that is widely not know. He's not been profligate. yet suddenly because a Dems in office? Reps worry about the deficit.

    Again...better to raise taxes back up on incomes over 250 a few percentage points than make the poor go humgry and have kids die...which the REpublicans seem to prefer.

    Your economic argument is sound but on the other end of financial solvency, the bad economy makes poor working people even closer to the bone. Don't turn on heat so they can afford food. Gratetful kids get healthcare  via Medicaid, maybe helps with prescriptions. Looks like those who don't want tax to go up/tax cut on higher part of their income to go up are fine with that. We need spending decrease (cuts to poor and most vulnerable) or revenue increase. It is said you can't get enough revenue from closing loopholes alone.

    it is wrong to insist on dealing with the deficit Republicans are and thus is our realtiy...and oppose raising taxes on top income above a certain level/ending tax cuts, IMO. IT puts all the pain of balancing the deficit...which again Republicans are suddenly interested in...on the backs of the most vulnerable.
    It is wrong.
    Don't understand your 40 year olds not knowing any other tax rate...they only worked since age 30?

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