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View Diary: Bo and the White House Christmas decorations (101 comments)

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  •  How cute. My kitten LOVES the Christmas (6+ / 0-)

    tree, but luckily, she hasn't destroyed any ornaments yet. I only did a little decorating outside--a wreath on the door, along with a few lights around the entryway, and a couple of big red bows on our porch posts.

    Our Christmas tree is a big job to put together, though. It's one of those really full 7 and a half footers with lots of branches to shape, but it looks really good once you get it put together. I paid all of $10 for it at a thrift store one time, but it looked like it was a brand new tree. So I'm getting my money's worth out of it!

    •  My wreath is up (4+ / 0-)
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      Southcoast Luna, cany, Onomastic, tonyahky

      only because I never took it down. No lights, but I rarely do more than candles in the windows. Last time I got the ones that have a sensor so they come on when it gets dark. Those were the best.

      I also have the sockets that plug into the outlets and have a remote control. Those are great, because I don't have to squeeze behind the tree to turn on the lights.

      I'll do a new wreath this year, the old one is a little ratty. And I'll buy new lights (even though I have many strings of old ones) because I want LED ones.

      I have TONS of decorations, but I don't use them all. I really couldn't, I don't have room. And I buy at least a few new things every year (which is why I have so much).

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