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View Diary: 55 Republicans now oppose Norquist pledge (14 comments)

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  •  a small correction (14+ / 0-)

    (to the quote, not to your text)
    The Democratic tax plan does not extend tax breaks "for the middle class but not the wealthy." It extends tax breaks for every American, rich and poor  alike, on the first 1/4 million dollars they make every year.

    "Where has Big Government ever gotten us?" " Mars."

    by On Puget Sound on Sat Dec 01, 2012 at 01:42:17 AM PST

    •  Important point! I see it mis-stated by Dems (4+ / 0-)

      too, all of the time. You correct it factually, rightly. Also, it illuminates a further messaging problem for Dems.

      Is it Another REpublican talking point non observant Dems fall for?

      LIke calling being against all abortion no matter What the woman wants Rigtht calls "Pro Life" lol...when evidence suggests the only life you care about is fetal. The media uses this term now too. So do those who are proChoice very often. Duped.

      Truth is, We need to say instead of "tax increase for the rich"....Say "LET THE  BUSH TAX CUTS to income over 1/4 million EXPIRE".
      1. because the Bush tax cuts are 60% (according to CBO IIRC) of our money pit problem. THey were not paid for...and were supposed to end after ten years. It's been 12. People need the reminder. WHy isn't that linked verbally every time Dems talk about it? (answer...Dems suck at messaging)

      2. (as you say), refer to it as "taxes on incomes above 1/4 million " 1/4 million sounds better to our side then 250K.It sounds more. (thinking like a Republican).

      3. Even, put it is as extending the tax break on Everyone's income under 1/4 million, but letting it end on any income above you say. But be sure that each time a reporter asks, each time a Dem pundit's corrected and put out that way. That is how it works. Dems fail at this sadly, SO OFTEN

      Obama himself needs to be more careful and explitory every time he says "Bush tax cuts" or "Tax cuts on higher incomes", imo

      •  Those are good points (2+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        Says Who, jplanner

        Language matters, because here it's designed for those members of the public who pay only marginal attention to these debates.  Unfortunately, sound bites and the slightest shades of perception can count for a lot.

        I'd also add that we should always emphasize that we are opposing "tax BREAKS for the rich" not the "Bush tax cuts."

        •  Obama did a good job with tweeking this (0+ / 0-)

          messaging in his weekly radio address
          as he listened to our conversation on this issue! ;)

          it's deliberately very different

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