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View Diary: 55 Republicans now oppose Norquist pledge (14 comments)

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    maybeeso in michigan, Says Who

    I am glad to see Dem. Leader Nancy Pelosi threatening a discharge petition, if the House GOP balks on passing the Senate bill. It's about time that discharge petitions were used for major issues, like avoiding the fiscal cliff, not social wedge ones. I remember when Time Magazine and other media outlets were all aflutter in the early 1970's about GOP Ohio Congressman Chamlers Wylie getting a discharge petition out of Emanuel Celler's Judiciary Committee to vote on the school prayer amendment which, fortunately, failed on the floor. This same media also thought it was "brilliant" that Ala. Dixiecrat Sen. James Allen was able to extend the filibuster to all sorts of issues with various technical maneuvers, the beginning of what turned out to be our present Senate  gridlock. Let's hope the media gives Pelosi half of the credit on this discharge position they gave to these other dimwits. They won't. For more on the Norquist "pledge" mess, read  this  

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