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View Diary: Take military and veterans benefits off the Grand Bargain table (96 comments)

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    So why advocate reducing military retirement and benefits?  My spouse is an active duty soldier, I'm a veteran...we're fighting to keep the younger soldiers from losing the benefits they were promised when they joined, even though ours are pretty secure due to years of service.  He's probably what you'd consider "upper ranks" and we live far, far from the life of a corporate executive.  I'm pretty sure he doesn't consider the cot he just slept on for the last year to be especially luxurious.

    I don't understand why we all get wrapped up in the "them vs us" mentality...I want YOU to have good benefits at your job AND I want the benefits my spouse was promised.  I don't think he's an inherently better person or deserves more than anyone else, but he chose the job based on the benefits in part...he should get what was promised.  He passed up a vastly higher income in the private sector because he felt being in the military/national service was important and the benefit/retirement package helped balance out the actual and potential loss of income over his lifetime.

    The military budget is fat with contractors, useless weapons systems, overseas bases and Congressional pork projects.  Corporate America is destroying our middle class by attempting to balance the books of their failing enterprises on the backs of the workers that are the only reason they've ever seen any success.  And now you're advocating they do the same to military personnel instead of looking at and attacking the REAL reasons Defense eats so much of our budget.

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