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  •  We had a next door neighbour, (5+ / 0-)
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    at our old place, who wanted to do something similar.  Only she never asked.

    Just sicced a tree guy on our tree (which hadn't fallen down; she just didn't like it there) without asking us.

    When I told the tree guy (who I discovered while walking the dog in the back 40) to get the eff off my lawn, she (the neighbour) threatened to go to city hall to force us to clean up the mess i.e. the woodland in the back 40.

    I told her to go right ahead, and phoned city hall first.  Whereupon one of the fellows at the engineering department volunteered the information that same neighbour had had a dispute with the previous owners of our home because "somebody" had moved the surveryor's metal peg over three feet, to that neighbour's advantage.

    When this was discovered, the neighbour was forced to move their garage back by 3 feet because they had actually encroached on the previous owner's/our property.

    Guy from City Hall sent me a copy of all the paperwork regarding his dispute.

    But it gets better.

    Same neighbour then demanded I clean out the drainage swale on our property because she didn't have drainage on hers.

    You can guess what happened there.....that's right, nothing. When she phoned City Hall they told her she'd have to put in her own drainage and stop draining into mine.

    I don't think she realized I used to work with the Engineering Dept. at City Hall quite frequently in my capacity as an Engineering Tech for a large utility company.

    Other than that, she was a delightful neighbour.

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