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    is why she said originally she would either refund partially (understanding the situation of Sandy) or board the kitten until the situation of housing was resolved.  But she was asking a fee for boarding - and in that sense I can understand her point, too, because she is in a business after all!!

    With any living being comes that responsibility!!  If I were to go away on a vacay, I would want to compensate even a friend who may be watching over my pootie pack!!  I would never expect they would just do for free and would offer something at first at least!

    gah - so essentially the girl never got back to her after she called the breeder to tell her that she had to leave her apartment and was looking for other permanent housing.  And in the meantime, the other three kittens she had for sale also wound up going to buyers who were severely affected by the storm (1 totally lost her house, the other two were in pretty dire straits with damages).  They had reached out to her as soon as possible, she wound up refunding deposits on two because she felt very bad for them, and the third apparently told her that she knew she lost the deposit, but she also knew she just couldn't take a kitten at this point.

    By the time the girl got back to her (the same week I wound up getting pulled into this mess... so this is like nearly 4 weeks later and time to pick up the kitten), the breeder said she was sorry, but she couldn't keep her offer of some money back anymore.  The girl just waited too long!

    So really, I can't blame the breeder.  So the breeder essentially said she could board at a fee, relinquish kitten back (without refund - they had already signed a contract) or take the kitten.

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    by kishik on Sun Dec 09, 2012 at 07:01:11 AM PST

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