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View Diary: Obama and Pelosi demand Boehner allow vote on Senate bill extending middle class tax cuts (147 comments)

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  •  I love that Obama and Pelosi are hitting them (37+ / 0-)

    hard.   I would hate to be those GOPers who would have to explain to the voters back home why they couldn't just vote on tax cuts for 98% of Americans.

    And if they want to talk spending cuts, then they have to make a specific proposal that they have to own.   The President make them a good offer that doesn't hurt earned benefits and reduces the deficit.   Time for them to decide if they want to make a counter-offer or suffer the consequences of waiting until after January when everyone's taxes go up.

    •  If this is the REAL Barack Obama... (5+ / 0-)
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      then I love him!

      I spent every day of 2012 simply not caring or thinking about politics because he was (IMO) so bad at the job.

      I was sorry that I didn't support Hillary, and on and on.

      And to think that I considered not voting.  Yikes.

      LOL... I apologize Mr. President.  I guess you awakened.  Thanks so much!

      •  it is all the real him (4+ / 0-)

        it took him a long while to get what is needed and what works.

        it is not his nature to believe that fellow Americans would put party before country. It is foreign to him.

        Also I think the Presidency is isolated from feedback to some extent.

        It took him very long to get it.

        Yet, it' sstrange you think that of 2012 when he seemed to get it about a year ago. They had many legistlative successes this time last year was as if O woke up.

        Yikes is right not voting, I have to say. To get anyone out of that bitter action, I remind them that like every choice in life, what is required of us in a Presidential election is siimply to pick the better of two choices. We owe it to our country and our fellow citizens to vote and to pick who we think is better.
        Not voting is like half a vote for the less better choice. Even if you live in a deep blue state (as I do) poppular vote matters in terms of mandate and public perception.

        Sorry if you feel lectured a bit. Hope you get this. At least you admitted it.

        Do you think he was bad at his job overall or just bad at poltics?
        See, he's not that political in terms of horse trading so I think that assesment is fair...he needs to force himself to do it. I think he dislikes playing the needed games. Some people, like Clinton I think like that kind of thing, enjoy it. Johnson comes to mind as well.

        If you think Obama was so bad at his job overall, I wonder if you know what really went on since you tuned out politics. He had unprecedented lock step oppositio, never before seen. They swore they would make him fail in a secret meeting. True he didn't handle that well but no other President was tested by that.

        I, too, hope he learned, but don't think he was bad overall at his job. He was good at many many things. Hope you get that.

      •  So bad at his job? You really don't know what's (0+ / 0-)

        going on. In his first year he signed laws of historic quality and quantity. Since then he's been fighting tooth and nail with huge opposition.

        You are a disappointment to me. I prefer higher quality allies.

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        by glorificus on Sun Dec 02, 2012 at 06:00:22 AM PST

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