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View Diary: Right Wing Israeli Government Moves to End Jewish State (59 comments)

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  •  I lived in Britain and Ireland for several years (3+ / 0-)

    Me being an American of British, Scottish and Irish ancestry.  You would be surprised by how people who generally look alike, and talk alike, and dress alike, and watch the same TV shows and worship the same god get real picky when it comes to issues of their citizenship and nationality.  

    Seriously, I was one of the people who called your suggestion that Gaza be annexed to Egypt ridiculous.  Not to be disrespectful, I want to explain what I mean.  These solutions apparently make sense to you.  They don't make sense to any of the people actually involved.

    Gaza does not want to be part of Egypt.  Egypt does not want to annex Gaza.  Israel does not want Egypt to annex Gaza.  In your own way you did offer a solution that everyone can agree on: it's a bad idea.

    Same goes for the West Bank.  Jordan doesn't want it.  West Bank Palestinians don't want it.  Israel doesn't want it.  

    Easy solution in your mind, but something none of the people involved actually want.

    Five million Palestinians is just a rounded number.  I am including WB and Gaza, and even some Israeli Palestinians who would relocate to a free Palestine, and Diaspora Palestinians who would also want to relocate to their ancestral land as much as any Jew might long for Israel.  Also taking into account general under-counting of occupied people living in refugee camps and very rapid population growth.

    •  Maybe you're right, (0+ / 0-)

      that none of the parties want it. I'm not so sure. Independant polling agencies could do survey in Gaza and WB whether the people prefer independant state or joining with Egypt (for Gaza) and Jordan (for WB).

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