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  •  I don't agree. At all. (15+ / 0-)

    The solution to this particular problem (debt) does not lie in one overwhelming event or movement that solves the problem or even touches the ROOT of the problem. It is a complex problem that will take many citizen actions and significant legislative actions to change, and it will take a change in our cultural zeitgeist as well, to push those changes. That is what Rolling Jubilee starts to do - change the cultural zeitgeist and get citizens involved.

    This is a piece of activism that brings to light a fact of our financial structure that most people - even people with debt - don't understand or even realize exists.

    The financial sector of our economy is vast, it is complex, and it is intended to confuse and exclude ordinary people. So when ordinary people get involved, it is powerful and profound. I know that I understand the whole system of creating and commodifying debt a lot better. It helps some people and hurts no-one.

    Why would you decry giving to the Red Cross to help with earthquake survivors if the money doesn't go to solving the problems of earthquakes? That doesn't make sense to me. Rolling Jubilee gives relief to some people, but what it does is much, much larger than that.

    I do agree with your premise that involvement with political process is key, but Occupy was never that. It never claimed to be. It was a massive movement that brought people together precisely because IT WAS NOT A POLITICAL MOVEMENT. That isn't to say that those involved in Occupy who are interested in a political movement shouldn't become involved.

    So, do you have some ideas about taking the energy of Occupy and building a lasting political movement without deriding "hippies" and "wiggly fingers?"

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