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  •  If the party as a whole,... (5+ / 0-)

    ...not just individuals but the majority and the machinery of action, had supported Occupy, it could have demonstrated that and made the Occupation much more powerful.  The party chose not to do that, or neglected to do that, and permitted the encampment to be rousted repeatedly by Bloomberg's private militia of an NYPD. I don't argue that many Dems weren't whooping in delight at Occupy's emergence -- I talked with visitors to Zuccotti -- but let's be realistic when we assign that to the Democratic Party as a whole.  After all, on a Democratic site we are in a diary that is explicitly trashing Occupy for not doing what Troubadour wanted.

    •  Well... (3+ / 0-)

      ...think about it differently; there is actually no such thing as "the Democratic Party", in the sense of a single entity that can take coherent action. What we have are party orgs, for whichever level of government they serve, elected officials, candidates, clubs, independent groups like DFA or MoveOn, the unions, and so on.

      When I say "the Dems", that's probably a little bit too broad. But within that amorphous coalition, there were certainly quite a few elements, and not insignificant ones either, that wanted to work with Occupy.

      The mistake both sides made, I think, was expecting that the natural congruity of interests would lead inevitably to cooperation of some sort. But that would have required choices, which Occupy, leaderless by design and choice, was unable to make.

      And I'm not trashing Occupy by any means; I was involved, a lot of my friends were, and I have a little American flag on my desk right now that someone gave me at Zuccotti. That was our generation's bright shining moment, I think.

      Fuck you, I put on pants yesterday.

      by MBNYC on Sun Dec 02, 2012 at 07:22:06 AM PST

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      •, PCCC, IWW and the DCCC already exist. (1+ / 0-)
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        Occupy is in the niche that it needs to be in for the moment: direct action and community support.

        Tactically, it appears to be the best choice, as they're filling niches that other left-leaning interest groups, including elected politicos leave vacant.

        Furthermore, it's painfully ironic that some are criticizing Occupy for what the rest of the left - including elected pols already practice: pursuing individual agendas even at the expense of building a broad over-arching movement.

        Finally, I have to go meta here: this whole thread reeks of ceremonial scape-gating, in-group, out-group nonsense. I'm starting to wonder when someone starts bashing Kos participants with 'Mom's Basement' and 'Cheetos' smears.

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