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    is not the only way to participate in society.  It may not even be the most effective way to participate in politics.  Or do you think that groundbreaking legislation is negotiated in public on TV, and that everyone who gets a high-level position does so by being the most qualified on a civil service preference scale?  Be realistic.  Most politics and diplomacy is conducted informally, through backdoor channels and social contacts.  Occupy's "direct action" methods provided more and better PR than the DNC had managed to create by conventional methods for three years with who knows how much money.  It changed the fundamental economic dialog and probably provided the tipping point to win the last elections.  And in its "failure" to become a fully-fledged formal extension of the Democratic Party, it has become a peer-to-peer network of progressives from coast to coast.

    Maybe it's time to stop being wedded to 19th century models of organizing and top-down hierarchies.  OWS is a 21st century organization.  Like Anonymous or the internet network of music piracy, it's almost impossible to know who it is, where it is, or what it might be doing tomorrow.  You only see the temporary headquarters, and those might be gone tomorrow.  It's guerrilla politics, and it might very well be the only truly effective politics of the future.

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