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View Diary: The United States Pink Slipped Mitt Romney (16 comments)

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    The BigotBasher
    They did, it only to a cross for them to say,  "Let Romney Ryan go bankrupt".

    this is beyond a typo. really, people need to proof before posting. esp. in a non-breaking news post.

    I would be interested to see a rewrite of this sentence. It's a blemish on an otherwise good diary.

    and yes, I know, some people think it a form of fascism to point out spelling or grammar on this site, and anyone can miss a small error here and there, but when a sentence like this makes into the final draft, that just seems sloppy to me. sloppy writing has the potential to make the writer (and the publishing site) look sloppy. IOW, let's all try to make the effort to have this site gain influence in the mainstream debate, which is one of the things this site is for, by making sure our output does not contain the kind of mistakes that come from haste. it is a poor reflection on DKOS when we put things up that are confusing or contain basic errors.

    I mean this as 100% constructive crit.

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