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View Diary: American Psychiatric Association approves vast numbers of changes to the new DSM-5 (52 comments)

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  •  My impression is (2+ / 0-)
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    that what is happening is mostly a preparation for the next generation in biomedicine, when mental disorders will largely have assigned molecular genetic basis.  And get diagnosed quite high certainty via DNA testing.  Affected people will then likely get not one general lump diagnosis that may or may not get changed over time but a small number of enduring linked and partly overlapping, more useful, sub-diagnoses.

    The new definitions sound a lot more like the pragmatic language used in genetics to describe phenotypes.  There seems to be diminishing or minimal use of abstract philosophical and folk psychological terms and conclusionary terminology.  Of course people will use these in everyday life, but internal professional assessments will gain in descriptive power and predictive accuracy.

    What's missing in the OP, if this is so, is recognition of a diminishing emphasis on episodic/extreme behaviors and more acute attention given to quotidian behavioral differences/difficulties.

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