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    Used to live/work in NYC back when. Since job transfer to the Empty Quarter (aka the Intermountain West, centered on Salt Lke City), I miss it a little each day over the last several decades (Yikes, THAT long!) Please keep us little  apples up to date on the progress back in the Big Apple. Thanks

    What would Jefferson think of ExxonMobil?

    by Blue inU on Sun Dec 02, 2012 at 06:57:42 PM PST

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      One other great thing that Bloomie has done, to give the Devil his due:

      As part of his concern about Global Warming and Climate Change, Hizzoner decided that trees are good and more trees are better. Hard to argue with that. But usually it's hard to get government to do anything about that.

      In 2007 Bloomie declared a goal of planting a million trees by 2017, and he got a photo op planting the 500,000th one about a year ago.

      Bette Midler founded a non-government organization that's a partner in the effort, planting trees in public housing projects and non-profits, while the City handles street trees and parks.

      And there's the beauty of the plan. Try to persuade the manager of a public housing project to spend money on new trees, like, instead of repairs to the elevators or the roofs? Or tell the park manager she should plant trees and postpone fixing the broken playground equipment?

      No, have a line item in the city budget for planting 200,000 trees per year. Then tell the park or project manager that the Mayor wants trees, they are free, and they can be planted next week if that's OK. Get a different answer that way. Get trees planted that way.

      Riding my bike around the city I enjoy seeing all the new trees. (You can tell because they're staked and wired in place until they take root.) Areas that used to look downright ugly -- projects, parking lots, warehouse districts, garages, and more -- now look good with their streets lined with trees.

      A nice story here

      But 'stop and frisk' is still unforgivable.

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