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View Diary: Geithner Draws line in sand: No Rate hikes for 2% = No Fiscal Deal. Also, SS off table! (**Video) (259 comments)

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  •  You lose all credibility when you do not know... (0+ / 0-)

    ...the basic facts of the matter, just what you are told to think.

    Let me enlighten you:

    You collect signatures on letters like these to get media traction, to build pressure so someone has to take action.  Kevin apparently didn’t read our letter — it’s about a bailout of Fannie/Freddie that they’re trying to jam through before the end of the year, nothing to do with health care. He also apparently slept through the past nine years when people on the right like Bob Barr, Grover Norquist and Bruce Fein were cosigning letters with ACLU civil libertarians all the time when it came to FISA, domestic spying and transparency.  It was hard for them to do, because Bush sycophants dismissed them as “traitors” to the president.

    For those with short memories:  Here’s Wes Clarke, Mort Halperin, John Dean, John Podesta, Grover Norquist, Bruce Fein and Bob Barr on the Liberty and Security Protection Committee of the Constitution Project.

    Here’s Alec Baldwin and Grover Norquist speaking on a PFAW panel in opposition to the Patriot Act.  Grover cosigned an ACLU letter against the CAPPS airport spying system in 2003,  opposed  national ID cards with them in 2004,  and supported Prof. Lyle Craker and marijuana grown for medical research in 2005.  (And just for fun, here’s Kevin himself cheering on Bruce Fein for going after Roy Moore.  Apparently that’s only supposed to cut one way.)  For those who are strangers to the civil liberties/transparency world, this stuff has been happening for years right on this very blog.

    Emphasis added.

    And I guess you also think the NAACP has lost all credibility:

    This blog’s proprietress takes a lot of heat from critics for a letter she wrote with Grover Norquist calling for an investigation of Rahm Emanuel over his activities at Freddie Mac. It was seen as the worst thing of all time to team up with Norquist, who has only malign intentions at heart.

    Surely all of those critics will now line up to castigate the NAACP, who today released a report that Norquist, David Keene of the American Conservative Union and others have embraced about prison reform.

    The report examines escalating levels of prison spending and its impact on state budgets and our nation’s children. It uncovers a disturbing connection between high incarceration rates and poorly performing schools.

    Misplaced Priorities tracks the steady shift of state funds away from education and toward the criminal justice system. For instance, in Houston, Los Angeles and Philadelphia, more than 65 percent of the lowest-performing schools are in neighborhoods with the highest rates of incarceration. Researchers found that over-incarceration most impacts vulnerable, often minority populations, and that it destabilizes communities. The report offers recommendations that would help policymakers downsize prison populations and shift the savings to education budgets. Connecticut spends approximately 400,000 to incarcerate a juvenile offender per year vs. less than 12,000 a year to educate a young person.

    You and the typical Fox News viewer have a lot in common.

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