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View Diary: NFL player commits suicide in front of coaches. Oh, and he killed his girlfriend. (242 comments)

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  •  Randi Rhodes is talking about this right now. (0+ / 0-)

    Sumthing's rotten in the cotton here.  

    First they said that he had no history of major brain injuries.

    Now Randi is reporting that some players are saying that he was takien out of a game just 2 weeks ago because of a head injury in a game where the guy didn't even remember his actions in the damn game???

    What?  Said the guy was taking all kinds of pain meds and drinking heavily????

    I think we have to wait for this young man's autopsy.  

    The NFL has some explaining to do if all of this is true.

    I would suggest that you condition your diary that because we don't know all the details, that there may be more to it.

    Or just tag and label your diary as a rant.  That way, the unemotional, only driven by facts and science crowd won't get it twisted.

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