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  •  I agree, but there's another important lesson from (3+ / 0-)
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    past movements to learn. Pick your battles. We've wasted energy in the past over certain words being used (and I'm not suggesting that we shouldn't consider what we say and how it's said, nor am I saying we shouldn't be sensitive to others and their desires) while other more important issues weren't fought for enough. I agree about ageism, and getting older, I get more aware of it. At the same time, putting R's down for being too old has some validity-- there is something wrong with being out of touch, like a McCain get off my lawn thing. Balance and wisdom, not reacting to things as an assault on our rights all the time, pick our battles wisely, stand up for our rights but don't take offense to everything.

    •  I have to dissent (1+ / 0-)
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      I feel you might have doubled-down on ageism here unwittingly.  And I don't see allocation of resources for this given issue as being a problem of the pick-your-fights variety.  Jesse is putting forth a message to be disseminated widely.  If any message needs to be healthy for consumption, it is this one.

      You mentioned that "putting Rs down for being too old has some validity."  But the reason that many Republicans are out of touch is not because they are old, and not because they are white.  It is because they live in a community that practices systematic deceit coupled with the expectation for unquestioned faith as a means for social and political control.  

      When one deploys the "grandpa"/"get off my lawn" meme with John McCain, one gives him a free pass in ridiculing his age and race -- conjoined -- while leaving the true causes unexposed, creating a meaningless distraction.  In my view, his behavior stems from his being an authoritarian-obverse, and not from being and old white man.

      Noam Chomsky is an old white man, who might even be rich.  But he is not out of touch.  Neither are any of the brilliant philosophers I know who are in their 80s now.  Neither are any of the legendary jazz musicians who hit their peak in their 80s.  Some people are in touch until they day they die.

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